About Us

Rae Dunphy Aromatiques is a Canadian Essential Oil Retailer/Wholesaler offering one of the most diverse selections of premium essential oils and hydrosols in the industry. As a result of over 35-years of curation, our selection of over 200 essential oils and hydrosols is the most extensive in Canada.

Over the years we’ve traveled the world to meet and source from boutique farmers who provide the ultimate in organic, wild-crafted, rare, and exotic essential oils. Our personal relationship and on-site visits with our distillers, tell us the real story behind each oil.

These efforts to source from the best producers and distillers ensure our products are pure, safe, and of the highest therapeutic value.
Since 1977, our late founder Rae Dunphy was a passionate leader and pioneer in Canada’s natural health industry. Rae believed the daily use of natural healing products was the path to true health and beauty.

She studied under world-renowned instructors and founded Calgary’s first-ever bulk herb and essential oil stores. Her knowledge of essential oils and the plant kingdom was encyclopedic in its breadth and humble in its embrace. Her peers held her in the highest regard and often referenced her integrity and her wise embrace.

We continue to honour her legacy.