"I just wanted to say that our family took your Citronella body mist to the Amazon jungle in Peru and we were not bothered by the mosquitoes. The other people on our tour were using Off and they had many very itchy bites. It was so wonderful that your Citronella Body Mist was so effective and I highly recommend it. If it works in the Amazon jungle, it should work anywhere!"



"I just wanted to let you know about yet another amazing product of yours. I wondered if the Sensitive Skin might work on my daughter’s legs as she has always struggled with a bad razor rash after shaving. Her hair is coarse so after shaving, she is in pain and it looks bad. We made up a lotion with your body lotion (about 160 ml) and 25 drops of the synergy and we are happy to tell you her legs are smooth and without red bumps today."


"Just a wee note for some feedback about the new essential oil FRAGONIA... I have been using it daily (mixed with almond oil) on my 3rd eye & asking for clarity, understanding - to see, to comprehend - since receiving it on my last order. Nothing seemed to be happening for some time then all of a sudden I am getting 'aha' moments all over the place. So, fragonia is great for 3rd eye work!!! Ain't life grand...I will continue to use this oil - who knows what I may one day understand...LOL!"


"My 16-year-old son was recently injured while rock climbing; due to some bad timing on the wall, he sustained a rope burn to the tissue surrounding one eye. When I saw him following his injury, about 45 minutes had passed and the area was significantly swollen, very red, and with a hint of bruising starting beneath the eye. All the care he had applied was an ice pack to the area for 10 minutes. Due to the location of the injury, I was reluctant to use essential oils so I turned to my new stash of hydrosols. How thoughtful of him to provide me with such a great opportunity to try out my new hydrosols!

What I did was so very simple. Into about 120 ml of ice-cold water, I mixed 10 ml each of Calendula Hydrosol and Comfrey Hydrosol. I soaked flannel in this mixture and wrung it out enough so it would not drip uncomfortably down his face. He then held the compress to his closed eye for about 8 or 9 minutes. That is all I could get out of him... And that was it; off he went to bed. I rose early with him in the morning to check it for him and apply a fresh compress. I could not believe my eyes. I am so glad I took photographs of the injury, as I always do now! The area was 95% better, with no swelling at all, no redness, and no black eye. All that he still sported was a tiny red mark right under the lash line, which has since faded in the 3 days since he was injured. Thank you, Rae, for bringing in these hydrosols! You saved my son the discomfort of a black eye!"


"I have been a long-time customer of Rae Dunphy Aromatics Ltd. & discovered that the coffee essential oil makes a wonderful perfume. My skin is extremely sensitive yet I can apply this essential oil directly onto my wrists with no reaction whatsoever. I love coffee, the flavour, scent, etc. but cannot drink it without bad effects. So the next best thing is to wear this essential oil. It lasts all day & I can spend the whole day immersed in this delicious scent which becomes wonderfully caramel-like after a while."