Rae Dunphy


“These are gifts from nature and for me to be able to offer what you generally can’t find anywhere else to help people keep their families healthy, to uplift their spirits, to soothe them, to calm stress...What an incredible thing to be able to do for your life work! This is magic in a bottle, to me this is the quintessential aspect of herbal medicine."  

-Rae Dunphy


With profound sadness in our hearts, we had to bid farewell to our founder and dear sister, Rae Dunphy, from cancer on May 6, 2013.

A passionate leader in the natural health industry in Canada, Rae has left a legacy of wisdom in her business, Rae Dunphy Aromatiques. It is with grace and gratitude that we continue her legacy going forward.Rae worked in the field of Natural Health and Alternative Medicine since 1974 as an herbalist and aromatherapist.  Her passion lead her to open Calgary’s first ever bulk herb store, Earth Harvest, pioneering the idea of Herbal Pharmacy in the city of Calgary.


In 1986 she studied Aromatherapy with Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Dr. Daniel Penoel and Marcel Lavabre and soon after opened an establishment retailing essential oils - an unheard of concept in those years! 

Her knowledge of essential oils and the plant kingdom was encyclopedic in its breadth and humble in its embrace. Her peers held her in the highest regard and often made reference to her integrity and her wise embrace of the North American Aromatherapy industry (an industry she helped found in the mid-1980s).

Her product line, "True Essence", features certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils sourced from small family owned producers. It was incredibly important to her to have a direct connection to the land, the farms and the plants. She travelled all over the world to visit the farms and participate in the harvesting and distillation of essential oils. Her direct and personal relationship with these distillers ensures the highest quality of True Essence oils. 

Rae believed that the daily use of simple, healing natural products was the path to true health and beauty.