Our Company

Since 1988 Rae Dunphy Aromatiques has endeavoured to provide the best that Aromatherapy has to offer, being the most experienced merchant of Essential Oils in Canada. From our inception we have travelled the world for small boutique farmers who provide the ultimate in organic, wild-crafted and unusual essential oils. We purchase as carefully and directly as possible, doing our best to know the real story behind each oil.

Our impressive list of products is an aromatherapist’s dream. Under the "True Essence" and "Mrs. Dunphy's" product lines, we offer superlative essential oils, top quality base oils, natural skin and body treatments, bottles, aromatherapy accessories, and more. You can benefit from our extensive experience in sourcing the best that the world’s essential oil market has to offer and feel confident that products purchased from Rae Dunphy Aromatiques are pure, safe, and of the highest therapeutic value.

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