Introducing CALM...Our New Synergy!

Introducing CALM...Our New Synergy!

24th Oct 2016

Our newest synergy is lovingly made with the Essential Oils of...

Marjoram | Lavender | Cypress | Bergamot | Cedarwood | Frankincense | Vetiver | Ylang Ylang | Neroli | Fragonia | Melissa

Calm is an uplifting and reassuring synergy designed to address nervous tension, anxiety and panic attacks. Some of these oils possess sedative qualities that calm a heightened nervous system, especially when precarious situations or anxious feelings arise.

It is grounding, calming and brings a deep sense of comfort to those in need.


Calm can be applied topically to the skin.

Dilution: 5 drops of Calm Synergy to 5 ml of carrier oil, this will give you a more concentrated formula.

Mix and apply to pulse points, re-apply as needed.

For your convenience, you may also create a rollerball so it is handy wherever and whenever needed! Use the formula above as a guideline for dilution. Our  rollerballs are 10 ml, so add 10 drops of Calm synergy and fill the rollerball with a carrier oil of your choice. We highly recommend  Jojoba when making rollerballs as it never goes rancid the way vegetable oils do.

Inhalation of Calm Synergy can also be helpful.

Place a drop on a cotton ball, handkerchief or tissue and inhale deeply a few times.

To diffuse, place 3-4 drops in a nebulizer. Therapeutically, all you need is 10 minutes of inhalation next to your diffuser.

For your convenience you can also create a portable  nasal inhaler tube. Simply take off the orifice reducer of your bottle and dip the cotton wick half way into the synergy (it is helpful to use tweezers to hold the wick). Once you see the wick is completely saturated, pop it into the nasal inhaler tube and plug the bottom. When needed, take a few deep breathes with the inhaler.

We hope you enjoy the beauty and comfort of our new Calm Synergy!


Calm is not intended for children, pregnant women, or those afflicted with breast cancer.